The RivalUp! workbooks will elevate you from a brand with something to sell to one with something to say.

The RIVAL UP! Your Brand workbooks will empower you to take command of the critical concepts of brand strategy— the secret to growing your business. They provide clarity and sharpen your focus on 3 critical areas; Your Company, Your Customer and Your Competition. They will inspire the engaged and clear thinking that founders and business leaders need to take their vision into the future.


A Philosophy at work.

The philosophy that inspired these workbooks is that a brand is simply and idea and it needs an ecosystem to exist in to survive and grow. This ecosystem is built through the knowledge and understanding of the “3Cs” — Company, Competition and Customer — of business.

Learn how the 3Cs relate to one another and work through the exercises that will help you create the ecosystem for your business and brand idea.

This strategic foundation will help you make empowered decisions based on tangible and meaningful ideas.

What to expect.

They’re called HARDWORK Books for a reason.
Combined, you get 88 pages of insights and exercises that will test and challenge you. It will require a realistic commitment on your part to get the most out of them. When completed, you’ll have a better understanding of the brand strategy that will create more success for your business and enable your brand to thrive.

The Workbook Reality

I want to get real with you.

One major flaw in most brand workbooks is that they only contain a series of “brand” questions with fill-in-the-blank spaces for answers. They don’t provide enough context and they don’t show you how all of your answers are supposed to move you forward. Imagine being given tools to build something but no one is explaining how to use the tools.

I want to prime you on what my workbooks are about because success happens when we are confident in the steps we are taking. I know you crave knowledge and have the desire and intent to learn and grow as the leader of your brand. But I can’t state it enough that I didn’t create these workbooks to be easy. You won’t get them done in an afternoon. Please be prepared. I want to make sure that you believe the fit is right. The time spent with these wordbooks is an investment in you. For me that is an R.O.I. that can’t be compared to anything else. Go get it.

Learn more by downloading this free PDF that outlines the content of the full workbook series and provides a quick exercise that demonstrates the kind of thinking they will ask of you.



The Rival Brands `{`Hard`}` Workbook is the most comprehensive and founder friendly brand development resource I've ever used. It is thorough without being overwhelming, it is self guided without being prescriptive, and it can provide a solid brand foundation for any team regardless of their marketing experience. Access to the workbook with guidance from it's creator, Steve Redmond, is one of the most valuable opportunities we provide to the founders in our Accelerator Cohorts.

The Rival Up Your Brand Workbook is a MUST! Shifting mindsets from the WHAT to the WHY of a product or service can be a heavy lift, and Steve’s clear, accessible framework helps all those striving to define a brand, new entrepreneurs to seasoned marketers alike, get clear on the deeper meaning of why one does what one does, who is an ideal customer, and why would the ideal customer care!

Our team found the Rival Brand Book to be incredibly valuable and worthwhile. The exercises allowed our team of ``non-branding experts`` to approach previously daunting branding concepts in a very concrete and methodical manner. The guidance and interactive nature of the information presented added tremendous value compared to simply reading information and materials. I would highly recommend this book for any startup or founder who isn't a branding expert or if you're looking for any extra guidance in establishing and/or strengthening your brand.

I was impressed by the whole thing. I've seen and gone through several other branding / marketing guides and these are the best guided, soup-to-nuts, resource I've found. Each activity fed into the next and gave methe confidence to invest the time needed to get a great outcome.

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