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Updates, advice and current trends in brand design, packaging, and food and CPG design from Steve Redmond, founder and president of Rival Brands, Vermont's leading consumer package design agency.

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Steve Redmond Appears On the Virginia Foodie Podcast

Georgiana Dearing of Water Street Marketing is a marketing and strategy coach for food brands. She hosts the twice-monthly Virginia Foodie podcast. The Rival Brands' [...]

The Audit You Shouldn’t Fear

Your brand changes a little every day, and your audience along with it. At critical phases of growth It is important to recognize how your [...]

5 Questions For Food Startups

I'd like to challenge a common start-up misconception that you don't need to consider branding until after you have your product. I have worked with [...]

Sorry, Your Name Doesn’t Ring a Bell

Have you ever heard a brand name that completely captured your attention or made you want to learn more about that brand? I recently read [...]

The Fancy Food Show: Rival Style

There are a lot or resources out there that will give you a "trends" report from the Fancy Food Show. Our favorite source is, as [...]

So You Think You’re a Lifestyle Brand?

It seems as though everyone wants to be a "lifestyle" brand. Yet the reality is, not every brand can play that role for the consumer—and [...]